About Us

We provide competently trained and experienced staff to deliver services These services are provided to local authorities  , National Health Service (NHS)and those who are on self direct payment.

We have the expertise, experience, empathy and resources to make the whole process efficient and effective.

We offer a 24 hour on call service Our staff flexibility allows us to provide efficient service to manage ad hoc and last minute requests including short and long term bookings Our rates are competitive and we provide value for money, always.

Our customer service is excellent as we build relationships with all our customers to ensure that we provide the best possible service and a transparent and honest approach to our work at all times.

We give adequate and relevant training in order to improve our staff’s skills periodically.

We are dedicated to providing experienced staff to ensure customer safety and quality service.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide high quality healthcare services that are efficient, flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers whilst maintaining choice, dignity and independence.


To provide a quality assured and comprehensive care service to our clients

To ensure the maintenance of confidentiality of all client and staff information

To ensure that all services are delivered in a flexible, responsive and efficient manner, within the time scale agreed by clients and/or referrer and to work in partnership with other professional services involved with the client's care

To continue to provide suitable and appropriate training to all employees

Transcend Plus has experience delivering high standard of care within the health and social care industry.

How It Works?

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