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And the cradle of Bethlehem was the “foundation” of a throne before which every throne shall crumble into dust–of a kingdom which shall never be destroyed. Seek to obtain correct views of our true condition as sinners in the sight of God. I. The nature of this foundation. It is to the atonement, principally, that the apostle refers. These are only picturesque unrealities, unless He who warrants them lives and is mighty. Apart from Him they have no more validity than our armorial bearing or a rosette.

The latter part of the eighteenth century was an improvement; people got prudent, calculating, and respectable. Their’ understanding was developed; but there was a want of all high perception of the spiritual and the Divine. To come to the present day, men talk differently from the moralists of the last century. They speak of the Divine and of the vast things for which man was made, and there is a warmth and grandeur about their speculations. But, with all their grand thoughts, and their respect for Christianity and Christ, they have no idea of sitting at the feet of Jesus. It is just the worship of taste, beauty, and mind.

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Believers are of Christ, not of the Church; but calling Him Lord they rejoice in the order and service of His Church as a rich inheritance. This sin is not often preached upon, yet no question political and civil idolatry, making men as gods to us, hath done a great deal of hurt, as well as religious idolatry. Now these ways we glory in men.

  • The place of men with all their science, power, and experience, gathered from the vassal world–to serve Christ, to make for Him a manifold kingdom of brave, wise, earnest life.
  • From the import of the figure, which leads to the conclusion that the difference is rather in the mode of instruction than in the things taught.
  • Priests, Levites, washed in the laver outside the holy place, were robed and dressed before officiating in the presence of God.
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Graces grow just as grains do; first the sprouting under the ground, &c. And yet when we look at the Christian at the time of surrender, it will not seem so difficult. Every true convert begins the service of the Lord with the question, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?

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He has much to do both with earth and heaven. He is one of Christ’s agents for extending His cause and kingdom in this world. A Christian cannot be talkative; he has too much to do. There are certain conditions in which men cannot be said to live. The prisoner under the sentence of death; his life belongs to the avenging justice of his country.

  • We have a desire of the approbation of our fellow-creatures, and feel mortified when this approbation is withdrawn.
  • Negligent mis rep at best .
  • So that we are not believers in Paul or Peter.
  • The truth thus revealed aims at the purification of our spiritual nature, and must necessarily counteract carnality.
  • Some of them may “have left names behind them.” Oh, if the departed still know of what passes on this our earth, what a hideous mockery must that posthumous fame be when the temple has collapsed in ashes.

Thought and feeling are both vain without this. Work from your emotion, and ultimately you may do all from it. Thus man becomes a temple of God–intellect the holy place; the heart’s emotions the altar of sacrifice; the actions of life the revelation of both. God is most clearly manifested in humanity. Christ, pre-eminently, was the glorious temple in which God dwelt, and through whom the Divine glory was revealed to the world.

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I. The general causes of self-deceit. Had human nature retained its original innocence the love of truth would have been its unvaried feature. But–we are fallen. The faculties of the mind are blinded by prejudice. II. What calmness of spirit. In all false religion there is excitement, in true religion calmness.

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The little church preserved in the ark had a fresh earth to begin upon, and erected its first altar to the true God. But in a very short time all was wrong again. Next, for the maintenance of the Divine idea, out of the mass of idolaters one man was taken, and Abraham’s seed were separated from the world and shielded from corruption. Their constant effort was to break away and get back to the carnal.

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And when we consider how great is the number of His worshippers, how wonderful must be the exercise of His intelligence and of His love! There are two things which render it difficult for us to rightly appreciate these activities. This view consoles in our conscious weakness. There is no man that, when he looks upon the courses of God in the world; limefx cheating the results that he is to achieve in himself; to seek among his fellows, that does not often come to a consciousness that he is weakness itself. Sometimes it makes one feel utterly worthless, discourages endeavour, and leads one to desire to fly away and be at rest, because they think it will make no difference whether they live or die.

  • Fifthly, the Spirit dwelling in us doth denote the intimateness and inward efficacy it hath.
  • The apostle’s scope is to repress the pride and contentions that were in the Church of Corinth.
  • The happiness of this mysterious nature of ours is never to be found merely in the possession of God’s gifts; the soul can find its true satisfaction only in rising beyond the gifts, and claiming the Giver as its own.
  • Secondly, when the apostle calls these errors hay and stubble, he doth not speak of fundamental errors neither, but such as are consistent with and built on the true foundation.

Perhaps that would happen if deposit insurance were removed because customers wouldn’t tolerate the risk that speculation and derivatives trading would bring. As “initial coin offerings” or “initial token offerings” have hit the market, Canadian and U.S. securities regulators have indicated that these distributions are subject to securities law requirements. These are all arenas our lawyers know well.

To utter thoughts which widen and purify a man’s soul, and which save him from lapsing into a sordid, sensual life–how much for that? To inspire with fresh hope one sinking into grief and unbelief and https://limefx.biz/ despair–how much for that? No, payment by results must be left to the great Paymaster. “Paul, Apollos, and Cephas.” Each had his own special power of setting forth some aspects of the Divine truth.

“The world is ours.” It is a magazine of instruments for our service; it is a school full of diagrams for our instruction; it is a sanctuary whose grand symbols, properly interpreted, are sacraments indeed. Man was not made for the world, but the world for man, and we must be careful to realise all the wealth and blessing of our great inheritance. Here is a lesson for us to-day. Intellectual men are very prone to lord it over their less-gifted or less-cultured brethren.

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There are capacities for action made useless for lack of capacities for reflection. There are mature manhoods which are inefficient because they are not built upon an industrious youth. There is an old age mourning over a life of neglected opportunities. There are souls that have repented of pleasant vices too late to recover in this world the joys of innocence. What, then, may I ask, is at this moment the “foundation” of your hope, of your eternal life?

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