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zoho books review

So, this small business accounting software allows you to concentrate on your business while they manage the accounting aspect of your business for you. In addition, Zoho Books accounting software has attractive pricing plans.

  • If you are looking to grow your business then you must use it.
  • This type of customization tends to benefit businesses; it’s always good for branding purposes to design your solutions to look the way you like.
  • Moreover, two fields let you explain the details of the estimate and an option to create a retainer invoice simultaneously.
  • It is sufficiently adaptable and very cheap contrasted with different items available.
  • Provide a dedicated space for users’ customers and vendors to view and manage transactions.
  • It also offers inventory tracking features that can help you monitor stock levels so that you can ensure that your product is always in stock.

Xero makes it easy to switch accounting software companies. The platform allows you to convert data from existing accounts so that you can start immediately without the need to spend time entering data. Your invoice will be sent to clients and remind them of any unpaid balances. It also allows for quick online payment via credit card or ACH through Zoho’s product payment gateway. Recurring invoices and stored payment details can help to make client relationships easier. The 8 Best Free Accounting Software of 2022 We evaluated the best free bookkeeping software by user friendliness, accounting features, customer service, and…

Zoho books review

One feature that our business desperately is ability to pre-send invoices to people on a recurring basis before their due date. Quickbooks has had this ability back since the days of DOS https://online-accounting.net/ . We’re limping around right now trying to work without these basic needs in hopes that they will soon come. On the otherhand, Zoho does keep adding new features on a consistent basis.

There’s a group of advanced reports designed for accountants; it includes an enhanced General Ledger, Journal Report, and Trial Balance. Customer and vendor records are exceptionally detailed. No other small business accounting tool I’ve looked at lets you create up to 46 custom fields for records, and not one of them supports such thorough profiles for contacts. Zoho Books is a laudable small business accounting service, with a tidy user experience, attractive pricing, and a rich set of tools. Larger businesses may want to consider it, too, now that integrated payroll is supported for all states.

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Features such as auto-scheduling invoices, reporting tags, and inventory put Zoho Books on par with QuickBooks Online. Several unique touches are hard to beat, including a great client portal and the ability to send invoices in 13 languages. Add in great customer support and numerous integrations, and it’s no wonder Zoho Books is such a hit with small businesses. Zoho Books offers more transaction types and more flexible forms than any other small business accounting app I’ve reviewed.

zoho books review

Before you decide whether Zoho Books makes sense for your business, it’s a good idea to compare it to some of the other accounting software. While Zoho excels in the customer support department by offering phone and email support, live chat and a wealth of website resources, its free trial is only 14 days. Zoho Books displays as much excellence in its Android and iOS apps as it does in the browser-based version.

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The capacity to raise solicitations, deals requests and appraises and the data be imparted to the CRM side of Zoho. We generally had two frameworks and we needed to enter information for clients two times. Utilizing Books and CRM has truly smoothed out our client information and furthermore detailing and examination apparatuses. You start by giving contact and relevant deals charge data. On the off chance that you’re a tiny business, you might need to turn a portion of these off to limit any pointless elements.

What are the disadvantages of Zoho Books?

  • User Restrictions. Although Zoho Books gives you four plans to choose from, they do restrict the number of users you can have on your account.
  • No Payroll Services. Another possible downside of Zoho Books is their lack of payroll services.
  • Limited Integration Options.

The Essentials plan allows for up to three users and costs $40 each month. It has all the features of the Simple Start plan plus time tracking capabilities and bill management. Zoho Books’ pricing plans are quite attractive, especially when compared to that of its zoho books review competitors. It has a Free Plan built for businesses that have less than 50,000 dollars annual revenue and one user plus the accountant. Its features include expense or mileage tracking, payment gateways, client portals, and customizable multilingual invoicing.

About Zoho Books

The Premium plan, Zoho’s priciest, costs $60 a month when billed annually or $70 if billed monthly. The plan expands your user number to 10 and limits your yearly invoices and bill payments to 25,000 each. It also adds some business website features and integration with Zoho Sign (Zoho’s digital signature app). Finally, with Premium, you get up to 200 custom, automated workflows. The free plan is suitable for micro businesses and small business owners with tight budgets. You’ll get all the basic features like invoices, expenses, estimates, and a client portal. On the plus side, although the free plan supports only one user, it comes with additional accountant access.

Simple, easy-to-use business accounting system to help you manage your accounts online. Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, online accounting software for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.


This way, you can filter them at will and identify your expenses or incomes. That said, this section isn’t very comprehensive in the sense that you can’t measure all your expenses, for instance, travel expenses. Additionally, it doesn’t offer features like purchase requests, card reconciliation, etc. Additionally, if you leverage third-party solutions for CRM, inventory management, etc., Zoho Books may not be your best bet as you may not be able to integrate them. In Zoho Books, you have complete control over your company’s income and expenses, mileage claims, VAT returns, and finance reports. The payables functionality module in Zoho Books will help create, send, and manage bills. The receivables functionality module in Zoho Books will streamline your invoicing process to help automate the process of receiving payment from clients.

zoho books review

With the inventory feature on Zoho Books, small businesses can monitor their stock level and make intelligent purchase decisions. Zoho Books also allows its users to invoice their customers in their currency, supporting eleven languages.

For how long is the free plan free?

A mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones is available as well. When the sales tax module is activated, Zoho Books calculates sales taxes automatically based on where you collect your taxes. You can create and manage records for independent contractors, apply tax on inventory items, and view sales tax liability details. Zoho Books can’t be used to pay and file sales and income tax returns. Zoho Books’ sales tax features are included in the assessment of the accounts receivable, so there is no separate video available. FreshBooks Premium has grown over the years from a simple invoicing solution to a full-featured, flexible, small business accounting application with a user experience that is unrivaled. Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus wins because it provides a comprehensive blend of accounting features and combines them with a user experience that doesn’t overwhelm small businesses.

  • There’s still more to do in the site’s Preferences section.
  • It has more expensive plans than Zoho Books, but the features that come with each plan are worth it.
  • Zoho Books allows you to collaborate with your accountant and colleagues on a project easily.
  • Based on the results, Zoho Books emerges victorious in the project accounting, customer service, and mobile app sections.
  • And, like we said above, the Professional plan adds 10 automated workflows to your software.

Customers can access invoices and make payments via the available and chosen method. Zoho automatically crosses off paid invoices as soon as the customer pays. It’s true, but when your calling is a clear one, you are obligated to follow! Our small care giving business has employees working exclusively at customer sites.

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